In-Building Wi-Fi Design


Overall Prespective

Meeting the Challenges of the 802.11 Wireless LAN Site Survey

An on-site WI-Fi site survey can not consider the nuances of today’s sophisticated 802.11 Wi-Fi environment. To properly perform wireless site surveys it’s necessary to create an optimal Wi-Fi design BEFORE an engineer arrives to perform any on-site survey work.

Compulink design a full wireless LAN that shows RF signal coverage, areas of concern, and provides a complete set of Installer’s Working Plans.

This wireless LAN site survey report is based on your floorplans and not based on an engineer coming to your site to perform an on-site 802.11 survey.



Value Proposition

Perform a Correct Wi-Fi Wireless LAN Site Survey

Compulink on-site survey consulting is based on the modeling and simulation for an accurate wireless LAN site survey


Sample Design and
Spectrum Analysis Consulting Reports




Compulink Predictive RF CAD Design and
RF Spectrum Analysis Consulting Reports

A Small Executive Office Building Predictive RF CAD Design

  • Compulink Predictive RF CAD Design

The client’s 3-story building had only 10,000 square feet of space on each floor but required an absolutely correct design to support their wireless applications.

Compulink prepared a professional wireless system design using predictive RF CAD modeling and simulation to assure proper signal coverage and support for the expected user density.




      A Design for a Hospital

  • Compulink Design
  • Calibration Survey (including Basic Channel and Noise Assessment)

This client had implemented a design from another vendor and the network was not working. They needed to understand exactly where the weak areas and dead spots were located so remediation could be performed.

This report provided the client with a detailed understanding of the deficiencies in the current system and specific installation plans for correcting the problems.

Post-Installation Gap Analysis and Remediation for a Hospital Design

  • Compulink Expanded RF Spectrum Analysis
  • Gap Analysis and Remediation Modeling

Because of the critical requirements for wireless network performance in health care, hospital Wi-Fi systems are examples of situations where detailed post-installation network verification is required.
The network being verified was not installed by Compulink and our analysis work provided remediation plans for weak coverage areas identified at the hospital.


Network Performance Analysis at a Luxury Hotel and Conference Center

  • Compulink Predictive Design
  • Compulink Basic Spectrum Analysis
  • Expanded Engineering Enhancements
  • Throughput Testing

A well known luxury hotel and conference center had an existing wireless LAN. When they had high-tech clients attending conferences there were always complaints about network performance.

Compulink performed a complete on-site analysis of the entire network to isolate and describe problems and to develop a remediation plan


Wireless Handheld Devices in a Warehouse and Manufacturing Facility

  • Compulink Predictive Design
  • Compulink Basic Spectrum Analysis

A world-known manufacturer of very high-end goods needed a wireless network to support hand-held inventory scanners, wireless VoIP phones, and notebook computers used on their production floor. The site had laser etching machines, many electric saws and lathes, and other RF noise sources.

The preliminary RF CAD model was used as the basis for on-site RF spectrum analysis and signal propagation testing to ensure the accuracy of the design. It would have been impossible for a technician to “walk around” to create this design since most access points were mounted 45-feet in the air over the open production and warehouse floor.

School District Transportation Department Installation Planning

  • Compulink Basic Spectrum Analysis
  • Throughput Testing
  • Physical Site Assessment and Installation Planning

Compulink installed Wi-Fi wireless network systems at school district.

On-site noise and channel assessment and a detailed physical site assessment provided the basis for these report plans that were used by the installers.

Luxury Apartment Complex Outdoor Wireless Backhaul

  • Compulink Basic Spectrum Analysis
  • Throughput Testing
  • Physical Site Assessment and Installation Planning
  • Expanded Engineering Enhancements

A large apartment community was planning on implementing video signage in the building lobbies but they did not have data connectivity between the numerous high-rise buildings. Instead of trenching fiber across the property they decided to use a rooftop-to-rooftop wireless mesh network system.

Following the creation of a predictive CAD design and an on-site RF spectrum analysis and calibration survey with real-time throughput testing, Compulink team developed this set of installation plans. The client needed to understand the specifics of the proposed installation and the installation technicians needed exact plans to properly schedule resources and equipment.


Outdoor Wireless Video Surveillance Design and Project Proposal

  • Expanded Engineering Enhancements

A community needed a video surveillance system for law enforcement use. They decided to develop a design that would both support the immediate requirement for surveillance cameras as well as provide growth potential for outdoor, community Wi-Fi access.

Compulink performed predictive RF CAD modeling and dispatched an engineer to perform an on-site assessment. The Statement of Work for this project was completely customized to meet the requirements of a Request for Proposal. As a result, the Compulink service description is simply “Expanded Engineering Enhancements”.


Assessment of Existing Design and Recommendations for Remediation

  • Compulink Predictive RF CAD Design.

A client came to Compulink complaining that the wireless network they had installed only a few months before was not providing complete coverage. The original reseller that installed the network had walked around and made some signal strength measurements and met the requirements of the Statement of Work. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to simply walk around and hope to verify proper connectivity in 100% of a building’s floor area.

Compulink used the installation plans for the existing network as a basis for creating a predictive RF CAD model of the complete wireless LAN system. It became clear where the problem areas were. A detailed comparison was performed between the existing Wi-Fi design and a Best Practices design proposed by Compulink to remediate the problem. It was discovered that the placement of existing twenty-one access points caused unacceptable levels of co-channel interference as well as allowing RF shadows to create weak coverage areas. The remediate design required only 18 access points which, when placed in the right locations, completely corrected the problem.


Warehouse and Manufacturing Facility
(Compulink “Installation Report)
  • Compulink Predictive RF CAD Design(presented using Installation report )

Compulink was contracted to provide warehouse and manufacturing facility designs for the large manufacturing company. Our engineers were on-site at the first facility to perform a detailed RF study of the production machinery, robotic fork lifts, and to evaluate inventory stacking patterns.

The initial Compulink Predictive RF CAD Design for the client included Expanded Engineering Enhancements to detail the calibration and baseline measurements. Subsequent reports were provided in Compulink’s brief Installation Report. What the client needed was to understand the overall Wi-Fi coverage and then pull cables and mount equipment. The Installation Version format provided a cost savings over the long term project during which Compulink developed designs for numerous large facilities.