Professional RF Engineering Design and Consulting Services for Wireless Data Networks

Compulink provides complete Wi-Fi consulting services including Wi-Fi network design, installation and support services. We bring a full range of RF engineering services to measure, test, and confirm the signal propagation, noise and interference characteristics of your environment.

In conjunction with our Predictive Design Modeling and Simulation design methods, our on-site RF spectrum analysis and coverage survey services provide you with maximum assurance that your wireless network will work properly.

Compulink is a professional and experienced service provider. Our experienced engineering team supports your wireless network with professional wireless network design services, equipment configuration and staging, installation planning and truck rolls from over 200 locations plus full on-site, pre- and post-installation site survey, RF spectrum analysis, and performance verification services.

NO CIRCLES! – Don’t Draw Circles on a Floorplan to Create a Wi-Fi Design

This page outlines Compulink technical support engineering services to support every stage of the wireless network lifecycle, including:

  • Our RF design team creates accurate virtual models of your site to develop a design that takes the entire network system into consideration and not just one test access point being moved around by an on-site engineer in a conventional Wi-Fi 802.11 on-site survey design.
  • Our experienced RF engineering team brings professional consulting services to your project with a depth and breadth of experience that is the best in the industry. Our wireless consulting services include certified IT service professionals with experience and expertise beyond the wireless network and into the realm of TCP/IP networking and security capability assessment.
  • A full range of technical support services are available throughout the entire project lifecycle: a wireless LAN configuration service that provides configuration and staging of equipment prior to shipment, our unique Connection Coach Guide to help your IT team bring the system up, on-site installation services, and complete post-installation support.
  • Wi-Fi network support for visitor access gateways, firewalls, 802.1x RADIUS support, 802.11 authentication with LDAP and Active Directory integration, VLAN configuration and the complete list of challenges that are encountered when a new data communications system is integrated with an existing wired network infrastructure.
  • On-call technical assistance when you have a question or problem (business hours in Lebanon; some 24X7 support options available).
  • Unmatched, personalized wireless network tech support – personalized because Compulink provided the initial design and the on-site spectrum analysis services so we know the network.
  • Integrated wireless network professional services that include physical site assessment services to address aesthetic or regulatory concerns and to create detailed installation plans, complete customer education services to help you understand how to manage and control your new system and ad hoc consulting to meet any special concerns or issues that may arise.
  • Compulink offers various wireless network support packages with options and price points to meet your needs.