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        Wi-Fi Wireless Network Service


  • Collaborative Development of Project Requirements
  • Wi-Fi Wireless Network System Design Consulting
  • On-Site RF Spectrum Analysis Services
  • Compulink Predictive RF Design Report
  • Pre-Delivery Configuration and Staging
  • The Complete Wi-Fi System Ready to Install
  • Full Technical Support Before, During and After the Sale


Value Proposition


Avoid Confusion and Frustration With Our Experts Working For You

There are a lot of pieces to the wireless network puzzle. There are a lot of people that claim to case study writing services be experts – most are not. Compulink has been in business since 2002 and we bring over ONE MILION square feet of design experience to your project.cn_1

Our expert engineering team focuses exclusively on wireless networking so we know the competitive marketplace and the various manufacturer’s strengths and weaknesses. You benefit by including our perspective on technology and engineering options in your buying decision without being limited to information you’ve gathered on your own

Eliminate Finger Pointing by Working With a Dedicated Project Team

You can end up with a problem when you pull the pieces of your wireless network puzzle together from different sources. The consulting, site survey, design, configuration, installation, testing, verification, training, troubleshooting and sCN_2upport for your wireless network is all available from a multitude of different sources. You could provide some of the services using your own in-house resources. When you do this and something doesn’t work – everybody’s going to point the finger at somebody else.

You can avoid the delays and cost overruns that are often associated with projects where multiple contractors and multiple players are involved by bringing all the pieces of the puzzle together with a  Wireless LAN Bundle package.

Avoid Selecting Equipment That Won’t Meet Your Requirements

Sometimes there are seemingly attractive pieces of the puzzle that look like they would be a good fit until you try to integrate them to meet the overall project requirements. Your investment in wireless network design, equipment, installation, training, and support should look forward to the lifecycle of the system. CN_3You don’t want to be thinking about pulling equipment down off the walls or poles in three years because you made the wrong choice today.

The engineering team assigned to your project will work closely with you, your management team, your IT department, and your end-user community to help make sure that the investment you make today will continue to have value throughout the equipment lifecycle.


Effectively Balance Technology Cost/Benefit Tradeoffs

The various features that are part of your wireless network system must interlock together to form a homogenous communications architecture. These puzzle pieces don’t always easily balance. Wireless network systems are constrained by the laws of physics. There’s no free lunch in the physicsdepartment at the CN_4university. There are always tradeoffs when considering wireless network design and equipment. If you have an unlimited budget then the careful consideration of cost versus benefit is an insignificant issue. When you need to balance costs and related benefits and you need to understand what’s being traded off and why; that’s where Compulink comes into play.

Your project team at Compulink will be able to explain the tradeoffs in technology features without forcing you to become an RF engineer. You’ll be better equipped to make informed buying decisions when you’re armed with sensible comparisons of the options available to you.


Save Time When We Complete the Initial Equipment Configuration

Time,CN_5 workload, and scheduling are always pieces of the deployment puzzle that are challenging to manage. Your network administrators and IT folks will ultimately paper writer for hire take charge of your new wireless network system. At the front end, however, you can save time getting the equipment up and running by letting Compulink provide Configuration.



Leverage Our Experience to Assure Project Success

If a small piece of a puzzle is wrong it can make it impossible to fit all the other pieces together. The engineering team at Compulink regularly CN_7brings stories in from the field about the surprising ways people try to make things work – and the ways that people make things
not work. Don’t fall into the “do it yourself” trap.

Your wireless network project will be successful if all the individual pieces of the puzzle are correctly positioned, cost-justified, and properly implemented. When you leverage our years of experience and our finely-tuned project management methodology you’ll have that last piece of the puzzle that will help assure a successful outcome.


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